"Private equity fund has gradually become an indispensible part in the capital market in China,after its decades of development. Since 2014, private equity fund has enjoyed remarkable growth together with the official acknowledgement, which stated clearly the status and direction of private equity fund. We strongly believe that private equity fund will embrace a broader space of development. Standing at the start point, we are facing opportunities along with challenges. Permanent Fund will stick to the principle of ‘Grow through Profession, Innovate with Stability’ to create high returns for our investors while shouldering social responsibilities as a global citizen."

Mr. Peng Xu, Chairman of the Board
  • Research
    China consensus allocation: China funds' asset allocation and performance
      This report reviews the sector allocation, key stock holdings and performance of major China funds. The performance universe is 50 equity funds which primarily invest in HK/US listed...
  • Wealth Management
    China’s Bond Market
      In the last decade, China’s economy has grown at a rate of around 10% on average and its bond market has grown from virtually nonexistent into one of the world’s largest. However,...
  • Securities
    Investment Strategy: Emerging industry and economic reform. (1) policy-favored sectors(2) follow industrial capital: companies in specific fields of Internet-related industry; modern services industries. Particular attention should be paid on companies...
  • Internet +
    Cabinet stresses "Internet Plus" strategy
      China will put more momentum behind its "Internet Plus" drive, which aims to integrate the Internet and industry while encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, the cabinet vowed on Wednesda...
  • Technology
    Google is spending millions more to lobby Europe
    Big U.S. tech companies are spending millions to influence European policy As regional regulators take a harder line over data privacy and anti-trust issues, companies such as Google are stepping up e...
  • Telecom
    BSkyB and British Telecom (BT) announce IPv6 support in 2015
      The IPv6 Future Enabler Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland brought us some very interesting content including a few public statements about future IPv6 support.   The meeting was...
Graduate & Internship

Permanent Fund Implements graduate and internship programs .
Management Team

We have experienced professionals specialzing in
private equity.

Permanent Fund has close connections with experts and advisors with great reputation in financial sectors.
Management Team
As a private equity investment firm, we have experienced professionals who have decades of practical experience in investment, specializing in different sectors.
  • Chairman of the Board / President
    Mr. Peng Xu
  • Partner
    Mr. Jun Yang
  • Director
    Mr. Changlong He
  • Director
    Mr. Johnson Gu
  • Assistant Executive
    Mr. Nicky Zhao
  • Accounting Director
    Ms. Haichun Liu
  • General Manager of Legal Compliance & Risk Control Dept.
    Mr. Zhenhua Jia
  • Director of General Management
    Kristy Zhang
  • General Manager of Legal Compliance & Risk Control Dept.
    Mr. Zhenhua Jia
  • Assistant to Chairman
    Ms. Shiya Wu
  • Project Manager
    Mr. Steven Wang
  • Project Manager
    Mr. Yuan Gu
  • Project Manager
    Ms. Shuwen Wang
  • Project Manager
    Ms. Yanhua Dong
  • Project Manager
    Ms. Sophy Hu
  • Project Manager
    Ms. Chen Zhang